will they just stop about iran and nukes already ??

corrected statement and link

Press Conference of the President
The East Room

8:01 P.M. EDT
April 28, 2005

...And what the Iranians have said was, don't we deserve to have a nuclear power industry just like you do? I've kind of wondered why they need one since they've got all the oil (1), but nevertheless, others in the world say (2), well, maybe that's their right to have their own civilian nuclear power industry...


(1) in 1975, president ford henry kissinger signed a national security decision memorandum

NSDM 292 - http://www.ford.utexas.edu/LIBRARY/DOCUMENT/NSDMNSSM/nsdm292a.htm

the reasoning in part was, the more domestic energy needs that iran can provide by other methods, means more oil for export


(2) in 1975, bush's vice president was ford's chief of staff, bush's defense secretary was ford's chief of staff then defense secretary, please, do no say that they don't know why, or imply that you are not aware of their views *


we gave them the nuclear technology to being with

corrected white house link as all 43 era pages moved to http://georgewbush-whitehouse.archives.gov

also, * cheney was deputy assistant to the president @ the time, not chief of staff, rumsfeld was chief of staff @ the time, not defense secretary, which means that both were in the white house @ the time

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See "Blast from the Past" at IranAffairs.com about how the US encouraged and supported Iran's nuclear program precisely because it makes economic sense.