a two minute prepared speech, cut down to 90 seconds

good evening, thanks to operation/push for hosting and the FCC commissioners for holding these hearings

many people today have talked of the media consolidation and the real and perceived problems from the lack of diversity of ownership and local operation

i'm here to talk of the problem of coverage, specifically if something is covered in the first place, and if so, how it is framed

there is a debate in congress, as we speak, about the telecommunications companies and legislation being requested by the administration asking for immunity in the NSA wiretapping scandal

article 2, section 3, of the constitution states that the president must see that all laws are faithfully executed. by demanding immunity from prosecution, it begs the question: have these companies broken the law ??

you were tasked to look into this. you declined. citing, not jurisdiction, but clearance

did you ask for clearance ?? did your inspector general refer the complaint to the department of justice ?? does mr. mcconnel's long-standing ties to the telecommunications industry bring concern to you about this ??

is that debate being covered in the mainstream press ?? is the restoration of habeas corpus the talk of talk radio ?? are the troops being asked about their views of the webb amendment ?? are the people downwind asked what their thoughts are if we drop nukes on iran ??

the latest poll of congress gives them an 11% approval rating. is the coverage about republican obstruction and the unprecedented number of filibusters or is the frame of democratic weakness and capitulation ??

(the 90 seconds were up, ended here)

there are people on the right, who think that the media is liberal
there are people on the left, who know that it is not
and there are people all over the country, who unfortunately think that what they hear, see, and read is actually accurate and complete

thank you

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