since mr walsh finally made up his mind, i can make up mine

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mr. walsh has decided to now run in the new 8th district, i am still going to be submitting a nomination petition for the 14th, due now by december 27th, as opposed to the original december 5th due date


who needs a choice when you go to vote, there evidently should only be one person to vote for when you do so

give your love to

Democratic Committeeman from Lake Country Precinct 15
Robert A. Hoffman, Jr.
40260 N Lake Shore Dr
Antioch, IL 60002

and ask him why voters shouldn't be able to have a choice when elections roll around

more to follow...


when even

the evil of two lessors is still as bad



let's just say

that obama and holder need to be added to the list of former administration officials that need to be indicted for war crimes



donald 'oily taint' trump and the racist right can go pound sand, be at issue what what he does (see above), not who he is (see below)

from crooksandliars


the one year anniversary of the healthcare legislation

average price increase of my personal health, dental, and vision insurance, year over year:

along the figures lie, liars figure route, i could go:

it went up, on average, 39.39% a year every year under UU. and went down 4.74% under obama

but i can't, because in 2009 we switched getting insurance from the company i work for to the company my wife works for, which was cheaper (that's why we switched)

any way you slice it, it went up almost 29% over the last year, but it's gone up, on average, almost 28% a year over the past 10 years

each and every year, nothing has changed


glad to see we've grown and are doing things differently

march 20th, then

march 20th, now

both from here




dear mr president
attorney general holder
the chairmen of the house and senate judiciary committess


in re http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/why-isnt-wall-street-in-jail-20110216?page=1

fuck all you all

in re http://www.levyinstitute.org/pubs/wp_589.pdf (pdf), page 47

87.3% of the income gain from 1983-2007 went to the top 20%

there's a class war going on and 80% of you are losing it, wake up

from here http://www.balloon-juice.com/2011/02/19/a-piecharts-worth-a-thousand-words/

update (with real old information that still applies):

a: http://www.commondreams.org/view/2009/08/26-9


b: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brad_Birkenfeld


someone has to primary obama, get him (and holder) out of there (and no, that does not mean putting in a racist, homophobic, xenophobic, sexist, authoritarian republican motherfucker in his place)

above links from http://www.nakedcapitalism.com/2010/03/hoisted-from-comments-the-lehman-whistleblower-letter.html