oxycontin induced deafness aside...

rush "racist sexist authoritarian mofo" limbaugh once said (among many others) said that "words have meanings"

president obama, re syria said "...We have concluded that the Syrian government, in fact, carried these out. And if that's so, then there need to be international consequences..."


you cannot, within the same paragraph, from one sentence to the next say: we have concluded "A", and then if "A" ... hopefully you will let us know what the information that you have to justify anything you then may want to do, the last thing we need is another action item militarily in the middle-east

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also, too: http://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2013/09/your-labor-day-syria-reader-part-2-william-polk/279255/


new site

this blogspot site shall be in archive status for the forseeable future
please go to http://www.farnick.com regarding my candidacy to congress

thank you


note to self, get another set of eyes to proof read, then send ...


various updates

on january 11th i submitted a motion to strike the objection
on january 12th, the objector withdrew the objection
i'll be on the march 20th, 2012 democratic primary for the 14th congressional district, thank you all for the support to get here

more to follow


an example of a poorly worded, hack job of an objection to a nomination petition to get someone off the ballot, in d-flat:

Robert A. Hoffman, Jr.
40260 N. Lake Shore Drive
Antioch, IL 60002


Jonathan Farnick
600 W. Jackson St.
Woodstock, IL 60098
[not me per se, but my "Nomination Papers"]


[yada yada yada]
(that's legalese for yada yada yada)


3: ... The objector states that the Nomination Papers are insufficient in fact and law for the following reasons:

[not really an objection, just a preamble of sorts]

4: ... must contain not fewer than 600 duly qualified, registered, and legal voters of the 14th Congressional District ... the Nomination Papers purport to contain the signatures of in excess of 600 such voters, and further purport to have been gathered, presented, and executed in the manner provided by the Illinois Election Code.

[i submitted more than 600 ... i purported that they contained more than 600, further purport that they were gathered within the allotted time-frame prescribed by law (collected not before 09/06/2011), presented @ 16:00 hours on the last day of acceptance to the Illinois Board of Elections (12/27/2011 by 17:00 hours), signed appropriately by those that collected the signatures, notarized by a duly sworn notary in good standing of the state of illinois, and executed in an above board and transparent way]

5. The nomination Papers contain petition sheets with the names of person who are not registered voters, or who are not registered voters at the address shown opposite their respective names, as is set forth SPECIFICALLY in the Appendix-Recapitulation attached hereto and incorporated herein as "Signer Not Registered At Address Shown", in violation if the Illinois Election Code.

[as an example, if you were the 9th or 10th signer of the 1st 15 nomination pages, you were objected to as "Signer Not Registered At Address Shown", notwithstanding that you truly are a registered voter in DeKalb, Kane, Kendall, Lake, or McHenry county @ the address that you are registered to vote at, and signed on the nomination paper; let me repeat that: if you were the 9th or 10th person who signed ANY the first 15 nomination papers, you were objected to, what are the odds...on a completely different topic, no one who lives in Oakwood Hills is evidently a registered voter, just want to let you people know to update your voter registration before February 22, 2012]

6. ... not registered within the political boundaries of the 14th Congressional District ...

[evidently, there exists ONE house in antioch, il that is outside the new 14th boundaries; although what's weird is that that voters polling place will be the same as some of his other 14th CD neighbors, at the Antioch Township Office, 1625 Deep Lake Rd, Lake Villa, IL 60046, go figure]

[but wait, there's more...]

7. ...names of persons who printed their name, as is set forth SPECIFICALLY in the Appendix-Recapitulation attached hereto and incorporated herein under the classification of "Signer's Signature Not Genuine."

[three things: A. it doesn't matter if the signer "printed (as in block/typed letters)" or "signed (used cursive type letters)"; what matters is how the voter's voter registration card is signed, and that they match; if it seemed the "objector" just went wholesale: this person 'printed', that person 'printed', without verifying how the voter's registration card is actually signed and that they did not match, it would seem that the "objector" had a "belief" that they were wrongly signed and not the "knowledge" that they were, but he signed a legal document saying he had both...; and the 2nd thing, #2: would the "objector" be so kind as to reimburse me for the cost of a notary to accompany me to each of the people who are claimed to have not signed the "Nomination Papers" to have them sign another piece of paper that they if fact did, on the date in question, sign my "Nomination Papers", in their own hand, the charge of "Signer's Signature Not Genuine" implied i forged or somehow nefariously got that particular signature on that particular piece of paper, and would like some time to verify what i have previously "purported" to have done, thanks; and III: if the signature of "Demareo J" doesn't look like that one on the page in question, it's because "Joann W" signed that line, so why did you object to it ?? give a legitimate, understandable, LEGAL reason for the objection, please, and thanks]

8. ... the names of persons who have identified their city of residence as one not matching to voters registration records, and is set forth SPECIFICALLY in the Appendix-Recapitulation attached hereto and incorporated herein as "Signer Not Registered At Address Shown."

[#5 and #8, are worded a bit differently in the "Description", but worded exactly the same in the "Reason" in the appendix-recapitulation, how am i to know which charge is being levied about with the same reason listed for two separate and distinct charges ?? just asking; and while i have you here, why are there various "objections" to some names on the 1st 15 pages and to some names on the last 15 pages, but NO OBJECTIONS OF ANY KIND to ANY OF THE NAMES the 15 pages in the middle ?? again, weird, what are the odds; also, too: there is no line #22 of sheet #9 for example, all the sheets stop @ #15, thought you might want to know]

... more yada yada yada ...

... requests: a.) a hearing...

[the paperwork was picked up on saturday the 7th (the post office tried to delivery them friday the 6th), am doing some looking over of teh "SPECIFICALLY in the Appendix-Recapitulation attached hereto and incorporated herein" paperwork attached, and that the state board of elections will meet tomorrow, the 9th @ 10 am, joi]


since mr walsh finally made up his mind, i can make up mine

[updated] / [updated again]

i'll provide a PDF of the following to anyone who requests one, just email me @ jonfarnick @ gmail.com, and i shall send you one to print

i'll reimburse the cost of notarizing any correctly and fully completed sheets

any questions, i can be reached @ 312-566-8331, after 6pm on weekdays and during the day on the weekends, more to follow

for now, just revisit these three posts:




as always, no solicitation for, or acceptance of, any contributions


mr. walsh has decided to now run in the new 8th district, i am still going to be submitting a nomination petition for the 14th, due now by december 27th, as opposed to the original december 5th due date


who needs a choice when you go to vote, there evidently should only be one person to vote for when you do so

give your love to

Democratic Committeeman from Lake Country Precinct 15
Robert A. Hoffman, Jr.
40260 N Lake Shore Dr
Antioch, IL 60002

and ask him why voters shouldn't be able to have a choice when elections roll around

more to follow...


when even

the evil of two lessors is still as bad



let's just say

that obama and holder need to be added to the list of former administration officials that need to be indicted for war crimes



donald 'oily taint' trump and the racist right can go pound sand, be at issue what what he does (see above), not who he is (see below)

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