3rd party and independent contestants only from this point forward

i've been a loyal voting democrat for 24 years, that stops now

i'm not a racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, bent on selling fear duplicative condescending asshat capable of cognitive dissonance explaining away hypocrisy, so i can't be a tea-bagging republican

i'm not a authoritarian corporatist sell-out either, so i can't be a spineless democrat

3rd party and independent contestants only from this point forward


HCR as presently written

that would be a no

it will cost more than advertised and do less than expected, as any bill coming from congress for the past 30 years has done

the republicans are right, start over: only this time, have a medicare buy-in as the main element, disengage the linking of health-care with employment, end the anti-trust exclusion, and completly remove the no-negotiation-on-prescription-drug-prices aspect of medicare part d

if someone says that is not “politically feasible”, it only means that others have given more money to vote the other way

your, and this country's, best interest are not being addressed, don't expect otherwise


yeah, those consitutional protections were getting mighty bothersome



meet the new boss [updated]


worse than the old boss

[also, too:]


[too, also]