the one year anniversary of the healthcare legislation

average price increase of my personal health, dental, and vision insurance, year over year:

along the figures lie, liars figure route, i could go:

it went up, on average, 39.39% a year every year under UU. and went down 4.74% under obama

but i can't, because in 2009 we switched getting insurance from the company i work for to the company my wife works for, which was cheaper (that's why we switched)

any way you slice it, it went up almost 29% over the last year, but it's gone up, on average, almost 28% a year over the past 10 years

each and every year, nothing has changed

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Randy K said...

Not to bust your balls or anything, but your employer (or your wife's) has changed, so not really an Apples to Oranges comparison... more like a Golden Apple to Granny Smith Apple comparison, but it does skew the results a bit.

Either way I agree with you, just need to keep external factors in mind.