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if we actually had a 'liberal meadea', this would have been on the front page of your local paper

In an essay titled “The Rising Tide of Global Protest Against Casino Capitalism,” Henry Giroux compares the Greek protest movement to the American movement (or lack there of), and basically concludes that it boils down to the fact that most Americans are politically illiterate and are largely unaware of what is happening to them due to mainstream media propaganda...


As a population, we have been intensely propagandized daily since birth. Generally speaking, our critical thinking skills and attention to deeper political and economic issues are almost non-existent. It seems that as long as the US mainstream media keeps pumping out propaganda saying that the economy is getting better, and rarely reports on the austerity measures that are being rolled out in states across the country, the millions of Americans already suffering in isolation will just keep suffering in passive silence, believing in the propagated delusion and false hope that things will be improving soon...

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