what coulda been

"The OECD rates Canada's banks as the safest in the world - the United States comes in fortieth, two places behind Botswana."


Meanwhile, up in Canada, now with the world's safest banks, they didn't de-regulate their industry, didn't lower the credit standards for new loans, and certainly fought tooth and nail for every last manufacturing job in their country. And guess what? In the last six years, while the average U.S. income fell behind the total rate of inflation, Canadian incomes have gone up at more than twice our national rate. And Canada's government did not have to bail out one single bank.


it's been a year and a half and nothing has been done

the republicans are threatening to filibuster any re-regulation, or at least water it down, of course w/the help of the democrats, to render it effectively meaningless

oh whell, it could be worse

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