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since they are people [artificial ones at that], did they have no rights until their 18th year of existence ?? were they barred from being able to write laws in the house until their 25th ?? in the senate in their 30th year ?? have they not been able to throw their two cents into presidential elections until after 35 ?? is the average lifespan of an artificial construct 79 years ??

it would only be an equal fate that they should wait until those years have passed, that this should only begin to be a problem after the year 2035 a.d.

or, fix it tomorrow by abiding by the supreme court decision, leaving the 1st amendment alone, and adding one word to the 14th

Section 1. All [natural] persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof...


for those wondering, the given definition of 'activist judge' that some on the right throw around is a judge who goes against precedent, who overrules settled law, who votes against the will of the people, who decides inconsistantly with our founders origional intent

this ruling overrules two previous supreme court decisions, invalidates numerous federal and state laws going back to 1907, gives free speech rights to artificial entities that didn't get 'personhood' until 1886, and allows for foreign owned corporations or their wholly-owned domestic subsidiaries to weigh in on domestic elections

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