there's two schools of thought [updated]

1. campaign contributions follow votes
2. votes follow campaign contributions

not saying what class this is from*, but here's the test results:

data from http://www.opensecrets.org/races/indus.php?id=IL08&cycle=2010

the only issue i have is her voting record and the general issue of legalized bribery no publicly financed elections

for comparison, here's a graphical representation of the election results from 2002-2008, by precinct, blue if 50+1 for the democrat, red if 50+1 went for the republican

my contention is that we could be better represented

*cF, ceF, ceFs, ceFta, ceFtasm

[update] the 1st picture above is with new data from same linked source, below is the original as posted on 10/10/2009, special trade contractors and misc business have been replaced by electric utilities and retail sales in the list; also adjusted formatting of pictures

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