regarding the just passed stimulus bill [updated]

here's what i said before

...i'd vote no on anything that comes out, it will cost more than you can imagine, won't fix the problem at hand, and cause more issues that will only need to be fixed later (see 9/11, iraq, katrina, etc)... *


* not to be confused with republican obstructionism, they want to be described as the loyal opposition, but that would mean they had the best interests of the country at heart, and they fail there miserably


...in a letter to Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, AIG Chief Executive Edward Liddy said that AIG had committed to paying the bonuses to employees of the financial-products unit and that the payments were "binding obligations," the Journal reported.
The $450 million in bonuses are over and above $121.5 million of incentive payments for 2008 that AIG...


just saying

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