the best republican a democrat could want ??

[updated, again]


2007 congressional scorecard on middle class issues, illinois delegation:

(D) Costello, Jerry IL 100% A+
(D) Davis, Danny IL 100% A+
(D) Gutierrez, Luis IL 100% A+
(D) Hare, Phil IL 100% A+
(D) Jackson, Jesse IL 100% A+
(D) Lipinski, Daniel IL 100% A+
(D) Rush, Bobby IL 100% A+
(D) Schakowsky, Janice IL 100% A+
(D) Emanuel, Rahm IL 90% A

(D) Bean, Melissa IL 78% C
(R) LaHood, Ray IL 75% C
(R) Johnson, Timothy IL 56% C
(R) Kirk, Mark IL 56% C
(R) Biggert, Judy IL 30% F
(R) Shimkus, John IL 33% F
(R) Weller, Gerald IL 33% F
(R) Roskam, Peter IL 10% F
(R) Manzullo, Donald IL 0% F
(R) Hastert, J. Dennis IL INC INC

this, in addition to her atrocious voting record on civil liberties and the support of the war, i'm dismayed she won the primary, to say the least

**** update, credit where credit is due:

regarding this vote:

i actually commend her for voting against (with 15 other democrats and every single republican) the 3 trillion dollar budget just passed by the house

**** again, debit where debit is due:


i am reminded why i would like to see her replaced, here she joins 8 other democrats and all the republicans (save one) to vote against updating fisa, she knows that "immunity for the telecoms" is a red herring, its immunity for the president who ordered the illegal wiretapping in the first place

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