was expecting an objection, but not from ... [updated] [and corrected a link that was removed]




in the 2006 election, bill scheurer filed a lawsuit to block being challenged to get on the ballot

in the 2008 election, randi scheurer challenges my petitions, stating, among other things, that i never intended to run a "real campaign"

in my first post on this blog, and in my one and only meeting with mrs scheurer, i never said i would not run a real campaign, only that i would not run a normal campaign, since i am a working stiff that can't take off six months to campaign in the normal sense

i never had any intention of challenging anyone's ballots, democrat, republican, or other, feeling that anyone who wants to run, should be able to, some evidently think otherwise

and finally, to quote a candidate from another time, "Today we shift from petitioning to organizing a campaign," that he would "focus his energies on campaigning against [an] incumbent ... and ... challenger"

my intentions were the same, once i was finished petitioning and on the ballot, i would get my campaign organized, i should think my opponent would appreciate the thought


Anonymous said...

Good luck.

apple said...

Wow...ridiculous. I hope I see your name on the ballot in 08.