as stated before, i'm running again - [updated] [again]

my name is jonathan farnick and am tired of our so-called democratic representative as she continues to vote with the republicans in congress or against the best interests of this country on important issue after important issue

i'm in the process of collecting signatures to be on the democratic primary ballot in february against rep melissa bean for congress in the 8th congressional district of illinois

if you have any comments or questions, please call me at 312-656-9907 (no messages, voice mail is not and will not be set up) or email me at tofubo_at_comcast_._net

as stated in my origional post of this blog, i will not solicit or accept any money from anyone. period.

i want your vote, not your money, if you want to contribute, donate to the march of dimes, the american cancer society, to a local woman and children's shelter or a food bank, or any charity of your choice in your name only, they need the money, i'd just blow it on meadea advertising and consultants

thank you

(i will be keeping this post on top and won't be posting for the near future, but this is too much):

can anyone reconcile this with this and not come up with what a farce this whole warron terrah is

[update on the fisa bill]: just talking about this, means americans will die


so, in other words, public debate about the evisceration of our 4th amendment protections is verboten, that we should all just be good americans, and blindly submit for our protection

thank you, no

[updated again on the whats, whys, and wherefores]:


That government officials like McConnell feel so comfortable openly admitting that the government broke the law, obtaining amendments to legalize that behavior after the fact, and then demanding immunity for the lawbreakers, demonstrates how severely the rule of law has been eroded over the last six years. It is not hyperbole to say that government lawbreaking has become formally legitimized.


The real open issue is not whether the Democratic Congress will un-do the damage they have done. The issue, as McConnell makes clear, is whether the Congress will submit to still further administration demands by granting retroactive immunity to all lawbreakers (governmental and private lawbreakers alike). That is plainly what the administration is after, and it is hard to have much hope that they will be denied what they seek.

the legislation was signed into law on august 6th, 2007, six months later would be february 5th, 2008 (also known as illinois primary voting day), will we know before that what ms beans views are on whether to undo the damage she, and others, have done or will she add insult to injury by retroactively providing immunity to all parties involved in the law-breaking that has been done ??

a poll on how the various branches have done on the never ending war on a transitive adverb:



tireiron chef said...

Knock her off.

Glenda Bridges said...

Best wishes.

How refreshing that you're not accepting contributions.

This could be a model for future politicians. I know, I know, it's a pipe dream, but a good one, nonetheless.