sans culotte

man, the year-long, one-man, stage play has been breath-taking. your extraordinary rendition of the stage adaptation of franz kafka's amerika: the man who disappeared has your fans clamoring for more, although we were more than happy with your classic take-offs and riffs from the halo'd grounds of americablog or crooks.

it's now been a year since your last home-town performance. much has happened since you've been on the road. but, we're still in iraq, new orleans is still not rebuilt, the deficit is still nine trillion and counting, rumsfled got fired, but still has an office with a shredder in the pentagon, and bushco et al, are still unimpeached, so really, nothing much is new (though watching the clenis-crazed tucker say that a republican who frequented a hooker is a non-issue was pretty novel).

on the international front, blair went from co-initiating an illegal invasion and occupation of a sovereign middle-eastern nation to being the front man on middle-east peace talks (talk about boltonizing your chances at successfully implementing stability and good-will); wolfowitz went full circle from following the talking points of the folks at the a.e.i., walking in mcnamera's footsteps to the world bank, getting lost on the way, and ending up back at the a.e.i. to continue the surgyness of the surgical surgiosity of the surge; the evil propagandist from that james bond movie bought the wall street journal (don't worry about the intellectual honesty on the opinion page, i don't think he will change a thing !!); you don't need to worry about a foreign government running our ports, a bermuda based insurance company with questionable past business dealings has taken them over instead; and one of our greatest war-profiteering corporations in recent history are going to be moving their offices, assets, and most importantly, their documents and management to a far-away place, far from congressional oversight, far from the s.e.c., far from the i.r.s., far from any accountability, but not far enough from no-bid contracts, go figure.

anyway, come home, we miss you


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Nicely done, tofubo.

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