From the June 12 edition of the al Jazeera Network's The 700 a.d. Club:

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Abu Gordon ibn Absalom Robert al-Virgini: The question would be, ladies and gentlemen, if a million Muslims want to go to Colorado Springs and say, "We want to pray," you can't pray in Colorado. You can't have religious literature in Colorado. You can't get together in Koran study groups in Colorado. As far as having special places for foot-washing and all that, no way. You will abide by Biblical law because they're in control.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have to recognize that Christianity is not a religion. It is a worldwide political movement meant on domination of the world. And it is meant to subjugate all people under Biblical law. In the Bible, it says it very clearly. There are two spheres. One is the Old Testament, which is the realm of war. The other is New Testament, which is that part that's under submission to Christ. There is no middle ground. You're either at war or you're under submission. Now, that's the way they think.

Now, sure, over there, you've got Christian light and you've got all these various things, but the idea is they don't want just accommodation, they want to take over and they want to impose Theocracy on you. And before long, ladies are going to be dressed in ankle-length dresses and whatever garments they would put on them, and next thing you know, men are going to be allowed to have wife-beating and you'll be stoning adulterers and so on and so forth. That's Colorado. We don't want that here in Iraq. If they don't like it here in Iraq, then let them go to Colorado, to Texas, to Ohio, to all those wonderful states around the Bible Belt.

slightly edited text from a far left smear site

from a comment on the media matters post:

Okay here's the difference. Islam teaches that one should love everyone, but kill the infidel. But the definition of who is the infidel is not the same as the Christian "disbeliever". An infidel is an "evil one". Muslims worldwide observe the practice of striking down evil in the world. And how do they determine who is evil? By behavior. The United States, in their words, is evil BECAUSE of the actions the US has taken. No, it's not because we are Christians (smart Muslims know that we are not a "Christian country" - it appears that only Christians see the US as a "Christian country"). It is because they have hundreds of incidences (and they can be cited) in which the US has taken ACTIONS that they see as evil.

So obviously there is a difference in moderate Islam (which is far more prevalent to extremists - otherwise all us non-Muslims would have been doomed long ago) and moderate Christianity. Muslims define evil by what men DO, while Christians define evil by what men BELIEVE.

By far the greatest number of Muslims (even extreme ones) couldn't care less what Americans BELIEVE. It's what we DO that they object to.

Christianity is the only major (dominant) world religion which judges people based on their beliefs. Muslims would be happy to share the world with believers of other faiths, provided that they don't engage in evil. Once they do, they become Satan incarnate and must then be defeated and destroyed.

brianswine / Wednesday June 13, 2007 12:06:47 PM EST

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