who are your representatives representing ??

from charley cray:

Remember how many members of Congress actually read the WTO agreement before it was first passed?


That was conservative Republican Hank Brown (CO), who took up a challenge issued by Ralph Nader to actually read the entire treaty and answer ten simple questions in public. Senator Brown not only did his homework, and answered all ten questions correctly, but had more to say: That he was a free trader and had voted for NAFTA, but after he read through the WTO agreement, he was appalled by the various anti-democratic sections and decided to vote against approval when it came to the Senate floor. Which he did. But, as Nader later wrote, "His example had no influence on his colleagues. None changed their vote and the WTO was approved...it was a sobering episode that taught people about the many slovenly puppets masquerading as denizens of "the world's greatest deliberative body."

before each piece of legislation that comes up for a vote, ask your member of congress or senators if they have read the whole thing, do they understand it, are they aware of what various critics of that bill has said, is there ever a time that there is something in the bill that just reeks to high heaven that justies voting against it (see the military commissions act and the removal of habeas corpus) ??

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