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The Vice President is an enemy. He is a domestic enemy and a threat to global stability. From his control of NORAD on 911 to Halliburton Iraq profit, he is a jerk. Our system is broken. This man is an example of our failure. Our election process is corrupted. The bills that are passed are not read. This Executive office has usurped the U.S. Constitution in numerous ways. Funding chaos that goes back to Vietnam, helping Saddam and Bin Laden as Defense measure, has been the MO of the Vice President. He has been a supporter of operations that lead designed chaos as a mode of operation, to achieve a goal. He is a cohort of the 911 inside job. He is as sound as WTC 7 and the 8 second free fall of twin towers. The Executive Office is a criminal enterprise motivated by power. The support of these odd fellows by like minded private interests, illuminated to the ideology of a New World Order system goal of total information awareness and control, (so no one will be able to buy sell or trade outside of their ideology and design) is a sign of American labor futility. The only solution at this point is to reconstitute the United States and arrest the Vice President and the President. We need to end the party system, eliminate the Federal Reserve System and institute a commerce tax without exemption. This will restore order and end the free enterprise practice that has ruined the principles we the people independently bled for. Everybody will pay the price for service equally and free enterprise will pay the price for service by it's ability to pay, not by taxing income as a New World Order scheme of controlled profit gained from labor by an unconstitutional and unAmerican legislative deception. The Executive branch and all offices of the Federal system no longer support and defend the Constitution in principle, nor in action. The law cannot defend the principle for which we stood. If we fail to act now. This administration will achieve a New World Order chaos and failure of biblical proportion. That is the Goal of the Vice President and all in agreement with him. The enemy of the Constitution supports warrantless intrusions of our secure homes and communications, the seizure of private homes for private profit, imprisonment without due process ect... The Vice President is an enemy of the state. Any defense of his office, is an offense to the country. He is a globalist, not an American National defender and supporter of the Constitution. It has yet to be proven but, if he is found to be the leak in the Plame case, he will have committed treason again. If we the people to not have the will or the power of law to arrest this man and seize control of the entire federal system, we are not American, we are not free, we are not independent, we are in need of judgment from God. Our Christian principles are no longer valued by officials in office. They are contrary and subtly being counterfeited through compromise, in the name of free enterprise and free trade. 8.6 Trillion in debt, the Euro as the New World currency, and the Fed telling the future of US labor, it had a chance 10 years ago but, not anymore. The Chinese put the exclamation point on the situation by shooting down a satellite. Get Dick out of the chair, and clear the entire room. Just getting this guy out will not achieve a thing. We need a moral people to stand united, in the streets, nonviolently. We need to stop Dick, the head of state and the legislature, by standing fast, in principle, lawfully and constitutionally. We the people must rise again against the chain of fools, that cause tyranny to triumph over liberty and justice for all.

Posted by: Aes Shues at January 25, 2007 1:11 AM

there's a meet-up in washington, dc on the 27th


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