This was Then, That is Now

This is going to be a long and difficult contest, and then much is yet to be done, and much is yet to be required. We are winning in Afghanistan. But we are winning only in the first theater in a long contest, that will take a long time and a lot of treasure and a lot of challange for this country.

Karl Rove
January 18th, 2002

We have an obligation to ensure our military is capable of sustaining this war over the long haul, and in performing the many tasks that we ask of them.


I'm not going to make predictions about what 2007 will look like in Iraq, except that it's going to require difficult choices and additional sacrifices, because the enemy is merciless and violent. I'm going to make you this promise: My administration will work with Republicans and Democrats to fashion a new way forward that can succeed in Iraq.


And the reason why I'm inclined to believe this is a good idea is because I understand that we're going to be in a long struggle against radicals and extremists, and we must make sure that our military has the capability to stay in the fight for a long period of time. I'm not predicting any particular theater, but I am predicting that it's going to take a while for the ideology of liberty to finally triumph over the ideology of hate.
December 20, 2006

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