[then] comes the hard part: following through



hopefully i can retire the label

[updated w/a correction]

but then, there still is the congress, that never put the label to use...


the label stays, it just gets adjusted from impeach the mother fuckers already to indict the mother fuckers already

more here: http://www.atlargely.com/2009/01/absolutely-damning-hjc-report-reining-in-the-imperial-presidency.html

main sections of the report:
Section 1, “Politicization of the Department of Justice,” ...
Section 2, “Assault on Individual Liberties,” ...
Section 3, “Misuse of Executive Branch Authority,” ...
Section 4, “Retribution against Critics,” ...
Section 5, “Government in the Shadows,” ...

please do some reading, it's only 487 pages

report in question here: http://judiciary.house.gov/hearings/printers/110th/IPres090113.pdf (pdf)


remember, we're winning


when will we have won, it's only been seven plus years ??

just askin'

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